Tell me about JTAG software

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Tell me about JTAG software

In previous editions of the “Tell me about” series, we have
discussed in detail the various test strategies and explained how
JTAG/boundary-scan works at a device and board level.

However, both hardware and software are needed to control the
embedded boundary-scan logic and drive data through the Test
Access Port (TAP) and boundary-scan chains. This logic, accessed
through the JTAG interface, allows existing test and measurement
systems to be enhanced with extra capabilities to improve quality
control and save time in test development and the diagnosis of faults.

Since a broad range of software tools is available, each with
different capabilities and performance, you can configure an
optimal JTAG/boundary-scan solution for your needs. In this “Tell
me about” edition we will examine the various JTAG/Boundaryscan
software tools and their capabilities.