JTAG Provision is a Boundary-scan (IEEE Std1149.x) test and programming application development suite that is used through a product’s life-cycle to generate boundary-scan tests and in-system programming applications for assembled PCBs and systems. This professional, integrated development environment (IDE), JTAG software tool is fully automated and supports the import of design data from over 40 different EDA and CAD/CAM systems. Other key data inputs are JTAG device BSDL (description) models and a large, well-maintained model library describing thousands of non-JTAG devices including memories, bus logic, and other active and passive parts.

How it works

Using ProVision boundary-scan software suite you can rapidly generate a wide range of test and programming applications from a project database built-up from the inputs above. All applications can be optimized, validated and run within the ProVision environment prior to delivery of finalized test sequences to the manufacturing and/or testing facility. ProVision also comes with a built-in boundary-scan test sequencer for production ready test plans.

ProVision’s development features are tightly integrated with JTAG Technologies’ advanced test coverage analysis tool and also with JTAG Visualizer graphical display system for design schematics and layouts. You can use these professional JTAG tools to quickly assess the thoroughness of the test during development and to make improvements prior to release.





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