For design and service we offer interactive hardware debugging tools matching with the interactive approach of fault finding. Besides these debugging tools a generic Scripting tool is offered that can be used to manipulate and sense cluster I/Os via boundary-scan. JAM, STAPL and SVF players to (re-) program the CPLDs and FPGAs on a board are included with Studio which completes this range of products. The products for design and service can also be purchased via our JTAG Live webshop.

JTAG Live™ Buzz provides an easy solution for debugging boards too crowded for traditional probing with scopes or logic analysers – what’s more it’s totally free.

Buzz is ideal for electronics engineers and technicians to use in checking printed circuit boards for basic continuity and correct operation.

Buzz simply uses the built-in pin access provided in boundary-scan (IEEE Std 1149.1) compliant devices to perform pin to pin continuity tests (Buzz-outs) and can also sample pin activity on input pins.


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