To test a board and program devices on it you need the following hardware:

  • A JTAG controller connecting your PC or workstation with the JTAG interface on the board.
  • I/O modules for boundary-scan access to I/O connectors and special test points on the board.

To reliably execute your test and programming applications you can choose from a range of different controllers with different performance capabilities and form factor. The high speed JT 37×7 DataBlaster is the top model. It has a scalable performance and is available in a large variety of different form factors. The JT 5705 mixed signal controller supports control and measurement of analog signals in combination with boundary-scan. The JT 5705 Explorer controller with a USB interface is the ideal choice when a maximum performance is not the main driving factor.

Choose auxiliary I/O modules to add scan test and analog measurement coverage into portions of your design that lack boundary-scan access. Select digital I/O scan (DIOS) modules, mixed I/O scan (MIOS) modules, or Socket Test Modules (STM) to conveniently test sockets, connectors and sensors.

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