Different hardware and software products for test and device programming are available for design, production and service. While testing and device programming require different software modules, the same hardware can support both types of applications.

Hardware Products

Boundary-scan test and programming applications are only as dependable as the hardware they run on. JTAG Technologies has the industry’s most reliable IEEE 1149.x high speed and performance JTAG controllers, JTAG interfaces and more. To reliably execute your test and programming applications you can choose from a range of different controllers with different performance capabilities and form factors. For use in design, production and manufacturing and service.


JTAG Technologies designers have been developing high-speed digital test equipment for well over 30 years. The current range of controllers ranges from the compact, stylish and reliable JT 3705/USB to the rugged, dependable DataBlaster family and variants that have been developed for industrial use. The latest addition, JT5705/USB adds analog measure and source capabilities to provide a true mixed-signal tester platform.

Software Products

Our test software products are the result of continuous development over the past 25 years in Boundary-scan technology, in which we have taken our primary role from the start and will continue to do so in the future.

Our Boundary-scan test software solutions can be used throughout the life cycle of a PCB.

Easy-to-use solutions for fast debugging and testing in design.

The most comprehensive and tailor made automatic test solutions for production and manufacturing of printed circuit boards.

Test and device programming of electronic circuits

Fast and reliable solutions for use in production and service repair


ATE Integration

Want to improve the overall test coverage of your assembled boards? It’s easy. Simply combine or integrate your JTAG Technologies boundary-scan tools with your existing automatic test equipment (ATE). We work with any vendor of in-circuit testers (ICT), flying probes (FPT) or functional testers (FT).


We offer solutions for most of the available automatic test equipment systems, in addition we can support you with customized integrations for your existing automatic test equipment (ATE).


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