Takaya Flying Probe

FPT: APT-1400F Series, APT-1600FD Series
APT operating software
JT 3703/USB + JT 2118
ProVision Platform/Test

For the execution of boundary-scan applications with Takaya’s latest generation of flying probe testers, the  APT-1400F and APT-1600FD Series, the compact  JT 3703/USB boundary-scan controller together with the JT 2118 I/O module can be integrated into the probers.

The JT 3703/USB can be mounted on Takaya’s Multi-Probe Head for “close-to the probe” integration to contact the TAP signals on manufacturing test targets or UUTs (Unit Under Test). The I/O channels of the JT 2118 module are connected  to individual flying probes to provide auxiliary test signals to improve the test coverage on UUTs. By connecting I/O probes to a UUTs external connections or test points boundary-scan test developers can improve test coverage by increasing the drive/sense points and create tests that may not have been possible using just the on-board JTAG/boundary-scan resources. Examples include tests for open circuit faults on connectors, in-system device programming  or additional logic cluster tests.

The boundary-scan applications are developed with JTAG Technologies ProVision which in addition to the netlist and BOM data of a board, now also reads information about the test points accessible by the flying prober. The tests are executed from Takaya’s APT control software.


  • One GUI (Takaya)
  • Higher coverage
  • Combined report
  • Only one production step
  • Low – to mid volume production
  • Boundary-scan testing: infra, interconnections, memory connections, clusters
  • Combined testing via Flying probes and boundary-scan access
  • Flash programming (JT 3717 or JT 3727 is needed)
  • PLD Programming

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