In co-operation with the engineers of SPEA Spa, Italy,  JTAG Technologies developed a version of the JT 2147 QuadPod that fits perfectly in to the instrumentation chassis of SPEA’s 3030 in-circuit tester. This JT 2147/SAM connects the TAP signals via the standard JT 3727/TSI controller and fixture to the UUT. For the 4040 flying probe tester integration, a standard JT 2147 pod is used. To simplify  test development a data-package exported from SPEA’s Leonardo software includes all test point information and allows rapid application generation from within JTAG Technologies ProVision software. During application debug/validation  ProVision can even take control of the probes to speed-up this process.. Digital signals can be driven via boundary-scan and sensed with the I/O pins or flying probes of the SPEA machine and the other way around. Results and diagnostics are presented in the Leonardo run-time GUI.


  • One GUI (SPEA) during production runs
  • Higher coverage
  • Combined report
  • Only one production step
  • Improved fault coverage
  • Simplified fixture
  • Validation of the combined tests in the ProVision Test development environment
  • Mid – to high volume production
  • Boundary-scan testing: infra, interconnections, memory connections, clusters
  • Combined testing of ICT and boundary-scan
  • Flash programming
  • PLD Programming
  • 4 TAPs
  • 35Mhz TCK max
  • TAPs can be isolated from target

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