SPEA Flying Probe

For the execution of boundary-scan applications with SPEA’s latest generation of flying probe testers – the 40xx Flying Probe Series –  the compact  JT 3703/USB boundary-scan controller can be integrated into the probers.

The JT 3703/USB can be mounted on Spea’s Flying Multi-Pin Probe for “close-to the probe” integration to contact the TAP signals on manufacturing test targets or UUTs (Unit Under Test). In testers that don’t have the Multi-Pin Probe option the TAP signals can be connected via cable connection, fixed probes or the conveyor interface. Channels of the flying probe’s measurement instruments connected  to individual flying probes provide auxiliary test signals to improve the test coverage on UUTs. By connecting I/O measurement probes to a UUTs external connections or test points boundary-scan test developers can improve test coverage by increasing the drive/sense points and create tests that may not have been possible using just the on-board JTAG/boundary-scan resources. Examples include tests for open circuit faults on connectors, in-system device programming  or additional logic cluster tests.

The boundary-scan applications are developed with JTAG Technologies ProVision which in addition to the netlist and BOM data of a board, now also reads information about the test points accessible by the flying prober. While the tests are run from SPEA’s Leonardo software at run-time,  Provision can take control of the probes during application debug/validation to speed-up this process.



  • One GUI (SPEA) during production runs
  • Higher coverage
  • Combined report
  • Only one production step
  • Improved fault coverage
  • Simplified fixture
  • Validation of the combined tests in the ProVision Test development environment
  • Mid – to high volume production
  • Boundary-scan testing: infra, interconnections, memory connections, clusters
  • Combined testing of ICT and boundary-scan
  • Flash programming
  • PLD Programming
  • 4 TAPs
  • 35Mhz TCK max
  • TAPs can be isolated from target

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