Seica Flying probe

JTAG Technologies has a long-standing partnership with Seica Spa, Italy with whom we developed one of the earliest flying-probe and boundary-scan test integrations. JTAG Technologies Symphony Pilot system utilises standard JT 37×7 DataBlaster hardware to allow test and in-system programming applications to be executed and diagnosed on a full range of Seica test platforms.

  • Single operator GUI during production runs
  • Higher coverage than boundary-scan alone
  • Combined test report
  • Only one production step
  • Simplified or no fixture
  • Low to medium volume production
  • Boundary-scan testing: infra, interconnections, memory connections, clusters
  • Combined testing with probes and boundary-scan
  • Flash programming
  • PLD Programming
  • Four Test Access Ports (TAPs)
  • 35MHz TCK maximum clock speed
  • USB or Ethernet uuinterface to host controller

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