Production Stand-Alone

JTAG Technologies’ ‘Classic’ Production Stand-Alone package (PSA) has, for many years, been the standard execution system operated in CEM and OEM factories when an independent boundary-scan test and/or device programming station is required. Introduced in the late 1990s to support applications generated by our ‘Classic’ development tools, several thousand PSA systems are still in use today. For new projects however ProVision Platform run-time system is usually recommended

Using PSA, test engineers can build sequences of applications in the built-in AEX (Application EXecutive) manager using if, then, else, and goto capabilities. Sequence builders can also include additional capabilities through DOS/Win command line calls, create serial number logged test reports, export tests results to a database etc.. PSA includes drivers for all JTAG Technologies controller hardware past and present.


  • Self-contained factory/run-time test software
  • Run all boundary-scan test and programming applications
  • Includes fault reporter (TTR) and test sequence report generator
  • Single user interface to sequence PCB testing and device programming applications
  • Report generators and data export features included
  • Results recorded by UUT serial number and batch number
  • Includes system call capablity and if then else goto flow control.

JTAG Production Stand-Alone (PSA) system is ideal as a low-cost factory run-time solution allowing users to open existing AEX manager sequences or to create new sequences from a set of test and ISP applications. The addition of conditional branching instructions (if, then else, goto etc.) along with user instruction pop-ups means that PSA can satisfy most test sequencing requirements.

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