The PMBus is simply a protocol that defines communication between power conversion devices, using SMBus (System Management Bus) as the physical layer. SMBus is in turn based on I2C with additional fault tolerant and error correction features.

In a standard PMBus set-up a separate interface header or a dedicated master devices must be employed to communicate with PMBus slaves. Using PMBusProg however allows the user to harness the power of the existing JTAG/boundary-scan driver/sensor pins and use these to synthesise a PMBus master.


  • Fast, convenient solution for programming PMbus devices using JTAG
  • Accesses PMBus pins via local JTAG (boundary-scan) compliant devices
  • Uses standard, available JTAG controllers
  • Easily added to existing test/programming regimes (e.g. using NI LabView s/w)
  • Automatic generation of PMBus programming applications
  • Uses standard JTAG developer software (ProVision) and standard JTAG controller hardware
  • Reduces equipment costs
  • Removes need for separate PMBus header

Extend the programming capability of your JTAG station with PMBus devices programming without additional hardware overhead.

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