Memory Programming

With JTAG ProVision Flash you can program thousands of different flash types – even NAND and serial devices – using a variety of supported data formats. Flash memory programming applications include erase, blank-check, program, verify, lock, unlock, and read_id, which can be created automatically for over 20,000 parts. Generally flash in-system programming (ISP) applications utilise the built-in boundary-scan register of IEEE 1149.1 parts to control write/read cycles, however where programmable logic iterface directly with flash, bespoke IP applications can be used to greatly increase data throughput.

JTAG ProVision Flash is the easiest, fastest tool suite for development of ISP (In-System Programming) applications. It offers unmatched flexibility – multiple chains, multiboard designs and a re-usable project database.


  • Ideal for device programming only
  • Supports 1000s of parts with and without a JTAG port
  • Upgrades to full ProVision when required
  • Multi-vendor device programming environment
  • Easy to learn and easy to use
  • Supports Flashes (NOR, Serial and NAND)

Flash programming

  • Enhanced Throughput Technology™ with AutoWrite™, Ready/Busy, and VPP support
  • Full functionality including blank-check, read-id, erase, program and verify for NAND and NOR flash devices
  • Custom IP for even faster throughput when flash is accessed via programmable logic.

Your test philosophy may not yet include boundary-scan testing but you still need to use JTAG to program your flash devices, I2C and SPI bus serial PROMs . Use ProVision for Flash to support these activities and create device programming sequences that you can use in the embedded AEX sequencer or export to other execution platforms.

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