ProVision Platform

While a full ProVision system allows development and execution of integrated JTAG/boundary-scan test and programming software applications, it is possible to use the same familiar user interface in a reduced functionality version within production and manufacturing. ‘ProVision Platform’ is available for test execution only, flash in-system programming (ISP) only, PLD ISP only, or of course any combination of these.

Each ProVision Platform licence includes the capability to import ProVision development archives, execute applications and review test results in the familiar TTR (Truth Table Report) format and, optionally BSD (diagnotics) or Visualizer (graphical viewer). The system also includes the built-in boundary-scan test sequencer, our acclaimed AEX (Application EXecutive) manager,  for application sequencing which itself includes if, then, else and goto structures for building more complex test and programming sequences as well as report generation and results storage by serial number.


  • Simple to use test and ISP run-time option
  • Includes AEX Manager test executive
  • Full featured Truth-Table Reporter (TTR) included
  • Fully compatible with outputs from JTAG ProVision developer platforms
  • Imports PSA Classic sequence files (CD18 onwards)
  • Includes full report generation and export capabilites
  • Password entry for sequence developer, engineer and operator
  • Low-cost entry to boundary-scan in the factory

JTAG ProVision Platform is ideal as a low-cost run-time solution allowing users to open existing ProVision projects or project archives. Using the built-in AEX sequencer test engineers can build-up sequences of boundary-scan test and programming applications. The addition of conditional branching instructions (if, then else, goto etc.) along with user instruction pop-ups means that ProVision Platform can satisfy most test sequencing requirements. ProVision Platform as a networked licence can also provide access to the generation aspects of a full ProVision ‘seat’ effectively providing a second software seat at low cost.

JTAG Provision currently supports devices of all manufacturers in the below overview. If you have any devices however that are not supported yet simply get in touch and we’ll update our model library.


      Supported device manufacturers
0 – C C – G G – M M – P P – S S – Z
3DPlus Cosmo Golledge Macroblock Pletronics STEC
Abilis Crystek Greenliant Macronix PLX Summit
Abracon CSR GSI Marvell PMC-Sierra Supertex
Aeroflex CTS HALO Maxim PnpNetwork SynQor
Agilent Cypress Hamlin Maxwell Potato Taitien
AKM Dallas Hitachi MCC Power-One TE Connectivity
Allegro Davicom Hittite Measurement Specialties Premier Teledyne
Alliance DDC HMP Micrel Profichip Telefunken
Alpha&Omega DDD Holt Micro Crystal ProTek Temex
Altera Delta Honeywell Microchip PTC Teridian
AMCC Device Engineering, Inc. Hynix Micron Pulse THine
AMD Diodes I&C Microsemi Qimonda TI
AMIC E.C.O. IC+ Milandr Rakon Torex
AMIS E2V ICmic Mindspeed Ramtron Toshiba
AMS Ecliptek ICS Mini-Circuits Realtek Traco
Analog ECS ID-MOS Mitsubishi Recom Trinamic
Analogic Elmos IDT Molex Renesas TriQuint
Anpec Elpida IMI MPS Richtek TrueLight
Apacer EM Infineon msystems Ricoh Tyco
Aptina Emerson Inova MtronPTI Rohm u-blox
Asix EMLSI Inrevium Murata Rood Ubicom
Atheros EnergyMicro Intel Music RSG Vectron
ATI Enpirion Intersil Nanya Samsung Vicor
Atmel Eon InvenSense National Sandisk Vishay
Austin Epson IQD NEC Sanyo Vitesse
Avago Erg IR Neosid Seiko VLSI
Batron Ericsson ISSI NetPower Semtech VPT
Beckhoff ESMT ITE NexFlash Sensirion VTI
Bel Everspin Jauch NHi Sharp White
BH Electronics Exar KDS NI Siemens Winbond
BI Excel Kionix NJRC SiI WIZnet
Bosch Explore Lantiq NKK Switches SiLabs Wolfson
Bourns Fairchild Lantronix Nordic Silicon7 Würth
Broadcom Finisar Lapis Numonyx SiliconMotion XFMRS
CAMD Firecomms Lattice NVE Simtek Xicor
Catalyst Firecron Legend NXP Sipex Xilinx
CERN FMI Lesswire Oki SiTime XP
Chiplus Fordahl Lineage Omron Skyworks Zarlink
Chrontel Fortasa Lite-On ON SmarDTV Zetex
Cincon Fox Littelfuse OSRAM SMSC Zettler
Cirrus Freescale Logic Devices Panasonic Solid State Optronics Zilog
Clare FTDI LS Research Peregrine Sony ZMD
CML Fujitsu LSI Pericom Spansion
Coilcraft Gaia LSI-CSI PhaseLink SST
Conner-Winfield Genesys LTC Philips ST
Cortina Gennum M/A-COM Phoenix Contact ST-Ericsson


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