JTAG Live Script

Script utilises the open-source Python™ language to provide a powerful command and control environment to manipulate  nets (circuit board interconnects) and non-JTAG device pins via neighboring JTAG/boundary-scan compliant devices. With Script, you’ll use the Python code to verify operation of non-JTAG/boundary-scan clusters. By means of high-level routines that can be embedded in a Python program, Script drives and senses values on pins or groups of pins. The Python editor facilitates preparation of the sequences to perform tests and collect results.

Creating test modules in Script promotes device orientated testing and hence re-use of test code. Using Python open source means that thousands of auxiliary routines can be obtained from the established user community.

Script capabilities can be extending with the inclusion of JTAG Live CoreCommander modules that can harness the power of many microprocessor ‘cores’ for emulation-based testing and device programming.


JTAG Live Buzz is automatically included for free with this product.


  • Engineer-friendly programming environment
  • Testing of complex sequential clusters
  • Flash and SPROM programming

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  • Variable handling capability for analog measurements
  • Easy to learn Python™ language-based
  • Embedded API
  • Scripting capability for test programming
  • Testing of complex sequential clusters
  • Flash and SPROM programming
  • Variable handling capability for analog measurements
  • Python™ language-based
  • Storage of drive and sense values
  • Pull-up/down resistor presence check
  • Create vectors in binary, decimal or hex
  • Unlimited drive and sense pins
  • Works without a netlist
  • Support for multiple boundary-scan chains
  • Scan chain infrastructure test
  • Sample pin activity
  • Pin-to-pin (p2p) continuity testing
  • Multi-pin-to-multi-pin (np2np) continuity testing
  • Multi-hardware support Explorer/USB, Altera, Xilinx

Script is ideal when adopting a functional, device-oriented test approach for such applications as testing mixed signal parts, operations that require user intervention, and looping test patterns to set up device registers.

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