JTAG Live BuzzPlus

While Buzz allows the user to sample activity on boundary-scan pins and test continuity of nets across a circuit board, BuzzPlus extends its capability with a unique ‘seek and discover’ mode that effectively learns the network of nodes for a specified net connection.

JTAG Live Buzz is automatically included for free with this product.


  • Easily seek and discover nodes
  • Overcomes limited access to device pins

This product is available in our JTAG Live Shop.

  • Unlimited sense pins
  • Works without a netlist
  • Includes ‘watch’pin sample feature

With BuzzPlus you can find all the boundary-scan connections for two drivers simultaneously. If connections are missing, or if shorts occur between these two nets, those can easily be seen.

  • Manual seek and discover mode (2 nodes)
  • Works without a netlist
  • Support for multiple boundary-scan chains
  • Scan chain infrastructure test
  • Sample pin activity
  • Pin-to-pin (p2p) continuity testing
  • Multi-pin-to-multi-pin (np2np) continuity testing
  • Multi-hardware support Explorer/USB, Altera, Xilinx

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