CoreCommander routines take control of key processor core (e.g. ARM, PPC, X-scale, Cortex etc.) functions using the built-in emulation/debug functions found in today’s RISC and DSP cores. They have been developed to speed-up board testing and debug by enabling kernel-centric testing.

CoreCommander offer two modes of operation:

Interactive – offering direct control of the core via a GUI or;

Python embedded* – where controls can be scripted into a complete program.

* requires JTAGLIve Script or JFT in ProVision


  • JTAG control of µprocessors, and DSPs via core debug access
  • Most popular cores supported
  • Create cluster tests and flash applications

This product is available in our JTAG Live Shop.

  • Overcomes deficiencies in boundary-scan registers
  • Works with devices not compliant to IEEE std 1149.x
  • Most popular processor cores supported (ARM PPC etc.)
  • Code compatible with Python for test scripting
  • Low-cost compared to other solutions.
  • Supported by JTAG Technologies, JTAG Live and FTDI based controllers/interfaces
  • Simple to use interactive GUI to perform core writes/reads
  • Functions include ‘EnterDebug’, ‘ExitDebug’, ‘LoadMemory’, ‘SaveMemory’, ‘WritePC’, ‘ReadPC’
  • Compatible with Python open-source scripting language.
  • Works in tandem with JTAG Live Script – boundary-scan routines.

CoreCommander routines can be used to boost test coverage in applications that have only a small amount or even no IEEE std 1149.1 (conventional boundary-scan) test access options. By taking hold directly of the target processor’s core the user can write to or read from configuration registers and internal or external memory spaces.


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Vendor xxx Microprocessor (cores)
Analog Devices Blackfin BF5xx
Blackfin BF60x
ARM – Cortex-A/R (For A5,A7,A8,A9,A15,R4,R5,R7)
ARM – Cortex-M (For M0,M1,M3,M4,M7, M0-SWD,M1-SWD,M3-SWD,M4-SWD,M7-SWD)
Infineon C166
Intel (Altera) JTAG Technologies Translator for FPGAs
Marvell XSCALE – PXA25x / PXA26x
XSCALE – PXA27x / IXP4xx
Microchip PIC32
NXP (Freescale) Coldfire
MPC5xx / MPC8xx
Renesas RH850/D1x / RH850/f1x
STMicroelectronics SPC5
Texas Instruments C28x  (TMS320  C2000 series)
Xilinx JTAG Technologies Translator for FPGAs

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