JT 5705/USB

The JT 5705 series offer a unique combination of JTAG TAP controller (tester) interfaces plus digital and analog I/O in compact desktop package.

Use the ‘mixed-signal’ features to measure power supplies, clock frequencies or test DACs and ADCs. Add your own capability through use of CoreCommander FPGA our generic bridge/translator system.

The JT 5705/USB version is a desktop model with 2 TAPs and 64 I/O making it ideal for hardware validation or small-scale production test. Maximum TCK speed is 15 MHz and all voltages are fully programmable. The JT5705/FXT is the ‘fixture’ version supplied as a pcb assembly only with optional ‘break-out’ boards available depending on your application.


  • 2 TAPs
  • Up to 64 MIOS Channels
  • Measures Frequency
  • Up to 8 Analog IO
  • USB Interface
  • High-performance JTAG TAP controller
  • Analog and digital I/O channels included
  • Link multiple units for higher channel count
  • User configurable features via embedded FPGA
  • Attractive, compact desktop enclosure

JT 5705/USB – Prototype debug, hardware validation and small-scale production testing medium level PCB complexity. Particularly suited to mixed-signal designs.

JT 5705/USB

  • Two 1149.x compliant Test Access Ports
  • TCK up to 15 MHz
  • 64 I/O channels
  • 8 Analog Input or Output channels (taken from channels 57- 64)
  • Generated value has an accuracy of +/- 0.45%
  • Measured value has an accuracy of +/- (0.4% + 100mV)
  • Frequency measurements, range 0- 200 MHz (channels 33-48)
  • Pulse width counter, range 4 – 8192 nS (channel 35 only)
  • Frequency generator, range 0 – 62.5 MHz (channel 33 only)

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