JT 5705/BO

Compact mixed-signal boundary-scan controller with I/O for simple integration in fixtures.

The JT 5705/BO has mounting holes for easy location within a fixture and presents all TAP signals and I/Os on 0.1″ pitch IDC connectors.

JT 5705 boundary-scan controllers offer a unique combination of two JTAG TAP controller (tester) interfaces plus 64 mixed-signal I/O channels (56 digital and 8 analog) in a compact design. Maximum TCK speed is 15 MHz and all voltages are fully programmable. Use the IO and analog features to measure power supplies, clock frequencies, test DACs and ADCs and improve coverage to test points and connectors.

An alternative fixture-oriented model is also available: JT 5705/IB as well as a desktop model: JT 5705/USB and a rack mount version: JT 5705/RMIc.


  • Support for ATX, D&D, ECT, Ingun, MG Products, and others
  • JT 2702/xx (choose your connection method)
  • JT 5705/FXT (2 TAPs + 64 multifunctional I/Os)
  • JT 5112/FXT (64 multifunctional I/Os)
  • Build a low-cost multi-function ATE
  • Tests JTAG and non-JTAG compliant designs
  • Engineered solutions for popular fixture types
  • Generic solution available foy your current fixture.
  • JT 2702/BO – generic break-out board for one JT 5705/BO
  • JT 2702/IB – interposer/break-out board for Ingun, ECT (and similar) fixtures, supports one JT 5705/BO. Connection to board adapter via two 12 x 12 matrix connectors

JT 5705/BO

  • Two 1149.x compliant Test Access Ports
  • TCK up to 15 MHz
  • 64 I/O channels
  • 8 Analog Input or Output channels (taken from channels 57- 64)
  • Generated value has an accuracy of +/- 0.45%
  • Measured value has an accuracy of +/- (0.4% + 100mV)
  • Frequency measurements, range 0- 200 MHz (channels 33-48)
  • Pulse width counter, range 4 – 8192 nS (channel 35 only)
  • Frequency generator, range 0 – 62.5 MHz (channel 33 only)

JT 2702/IB

  • 1 site for JT5705/FXT or JT5112/FXT,
  • Optional signal multiplexors for increased channel count
  • Designed for ‘Pylon’ style connectors

JT 2702/BO

  • 1 site for JT 5705/FXT or JT 5112/FXT
  • Generic solution for all fixture systems using IDC connectors

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