JT 5112 MIOS

The JT 5112 MIOS JTAG/Boundary-scan mixed signal I/O with analog output module , simply add mixed-signal stimulus and measurement capabilities to your current JTAG test system.

Available in an impact-resistant enclosure or as a fixture-embedded version (/FXT) the JT 5112 works with all JT 37xx series of controllers. Measure and source analog values up to 30V on up to eight channels. Digital I/O on up to 64 channels. Also features frequency measurement capability and user programmable functions. Connections are via standard 0.1″ IDC plugs on the front of the unit. JTAG TAP and power connections at the rear.


jtag analog output
JTAG / Boundary scan I/O,



  • 64 channels in total
  • 56 channels always digital
  • 16 frequency measurement channels
  • 8 analog I/O (taken from 64 total)
  • Standard IEEE 1149.1 control interface
  • Choice of bench or fixture (/FXT) version.
  • Compact 64 channel digital/analog I/O system
  • Rugged construction
  • Supports high clock (TCK frequencies)
  • Reconfigurable FPGA for custom bus functions
  • Software set (SCIL) functions

Extends the capability of you JTAG system with digital analog and frequency measurement options. Features reconfigurable (via CoreCommander) FPGA kernel to allow custom functions such as high-speed memory access, flash programming, I2C control, CAN bus etc..

  • 64 I/O channels in total
  • Digital output range 1.05V – 3.6V
  • 8 Analog Input or Output channels (taken from channels 57- 64)
  • Analog accuracy ± (0.7% + 24mV)
  • Analog range 0.00V-30.00V or -15.00V-15.00V
  • Frequency measurements, range 0- 200 MHz (channels 33-48)
  • Pulse width counter, range 4 – 8192 nS (channel 35 only)
  • Frequency generator, range 0 – 62.5 MHz (channel 33 only)
  • JT 5112 – standard benchtop model house in impact-resistant ABS case. Connectivity through 4 x 20-way IDC format 0.1″ connectors (MIOS channels) and 2 x 10-way IDC format 0.1″ connectors (TAP-IN, TAP-OUT). Supplied with wall PSU.
  • JT 5112/FXT – fixture-embedded model just 74mm x 59mm in size. Connectivity through 2 x 68 pins ERNI SMCQ 68 M 244839 connectors (MIOS and TAPs)

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