JT 37×7/RMIc DIO-0/64

High speed and performance 19″ rack-mount chassis assembly JTAG Boundary-scan controller, with optional up to 256 digital I/O’s to enhance test access and coverage

The controllers are targeted at demanding manufacturing test applications, fast in-system flash memory programming and programmable logic configuration. The JT 37×7 is available in different operating levels (memory options) to suit your specific environment and application. Each unit is supplied with a four TAP port signal conditioning module the JT 2147 ‘QuadPOD

The JT 37×7 DataBlasters are a family of high speed and performance, up to 40 MHz TCK, boundary-scan controllers. Besides being available as bench-top unit with USB/E-net/FireWire interface, these controllers also come as 19″ rack-mountable instrument with the same three interafces and as plug-in cards in PXI(e)and PCI(e) formats.

See the form factors, more images and applications tabs below for more details.


  • 19" Rack mountable
  • Test up to four boundary-scan chains simultaneously
  • High-speed device programming
  • optional 256 boundary-scan I/O’s to enhance test access and maximum coverage
  • Three serial interfaces: USB (1.1 and 2.0), Ethernet and Firewire.
  • Scalable architecture with easy expansion to match application requirements
  • Automatic TCK speed matching and programmability for optimum chain performance, up to 40 MHz continuous data rate
  • Enhanced Throughput Technology™ (ETT) & gang operation delivers high volume production capability
  • Independent control of four TAPs per DataBlaster controller via JT 2147 QuadPOD™ system (included)
  • Different QuadPod versions optionally available for maxiumum flexibility.

DataBlaster’s scalable architecture provides three levels of operating performance to match the application requirements:

  • JT 3707: Base-level for board testing, CPLD programming and flash programming of small data blocks
  • JT 3717: Board testing, CPLD programming, and programming of moderate-size flash memories in manufacturing and debugging
  • JT 3727: All applications including board testing and in-system programming of large flash memories and CPLDs in manufacturing and debugging
  • Modular function adaptation
  • 40 MHz sustained TCK
  • Four voltage programmable 1149.x TAPs (1.0V to 3.6V)
  • Compatible with JT 2149/MPV-0xx SCIL modules
 JT 37×7/RMIc
Module for mounting in 19″ Rack Mountable Instrument chassis (RMIc)
JT 37×7/RMIc-DIO-0

Contains built-in QuadPOD system

 JT 37×7//RMIc-DIO-64
Contains built-in QuadPOD system plus 64 Digital I/O scan channles
JT 367×7/RMIc-con
Uses extranal QuadPOD system

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