JT 2702/DDC

JT2702/DDC (Dual DIMM Carrier) is a DIMM DIOS break-out adapter that enables easy connection of JT 2122/MPV DIMM DIOS channels to UUT test points or connectors.

DIOS systems increase the test coverage of a printed circuit board by providing access to connectors and/or test points (pads). The additional IO access increases the possibilities for testing logic clusters and enhances interconnection test coverage using boundary-scan.

The JT 2702/DDC is typically used in custom test adapters or fixtures where a large number of digital I/O channels are required with a minimum space overhead. By populating the JT 2702/DDC with one or two of JTAG Technologies JT 2122/MPV DIMM DIOS modules I/O systems with 128 or 256 digital channels can be built. Since the units can also be serially linked, a channel count in excess of 1000 I/Os is easily achieved at a relatively low cost. The DIOS IO channels of the DIMMs are routed to eight standard 40-way 0.1″ IDC connectors.


  • Low cost I/O solution
  • Up to 256 channels per module
  • Daisy-chain modules for higher channel count
  • Compact size and high channel-count
  • Supports up to 25MHz TCK test clock
  • Autodetects installed DIMM DIOS’
  • Autodetects additional ‘daisy-chained’ JT 2702/DDCs
  • Standard adapter description included in ProVision

For benchtop and in-fixture use in conjunction with JT 2122/MPV, legacy JT 2122/168Fs or JT 2124/F168 DIMM DIOS modules. Provides high density I/O conveniently accessed through standard IDC connectors. Used to increase fault coverage through connectors and/or test-points.

  • 2 x DIMM-168 format slots for JTAG Technologies DIMM DIOS
  • 8 x 40-Way latched IDC headers each supporting 32 I/O plus 8 signal grounds
  • Standard 10-way IDC connectors for TAP-IN and TAP-OUT
  • Dimensions 200 x 90 x 30 mm (no DIMMs fitted)
  • Weight 175 g (no DIMMs fitted)

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