JT 2156 Training Board

The JT 2156 training board has been devised to demonstrate all the latest features and test techniques available to users of JTAG Technologies’ ProVision & JTAG Live application development systems.  As well as a modern ARM Core processor, the design also includes an Altera Cyclone FPGA, DDR Memory,  Ethernet PHY, and several SPI and I2C peripheral parts. The JT2156 is shipped with a comprehensive self-study manual for getting to know the in-depth features of ProVision and/or JTAGLive Studio. For Altium users the design also serves as an example of how to adapt the Nano board into a realistic custom design.

  • 21st century mixed signal design
  • Features wide range of modern digital devices (RISC micro, FPGA etc.)
  • Allows full investigation of ProVision advanced features – including JFT
  • Developed using latest Altium EDA system
  • Excellent platform for demonstration of JTAG Live tools

The JT 2156 is a state-of-the-art microprocessor design featuring the latest devices types you might expect to find in any current design. As such the board can be used to demonstrate the full range of boundary-scan and other JTAG related test and programming applications, including DDR memory clusters tests, serial (SPI) bus device programming and even ‘processor core controlled tests. The JT2156 also serves as a platform to demonstrate CoreCommander (microprocessor core control) routines.

  • ARM 7TDMI Core NXP processor
  • Altera Cyclone 3 FPGA
  • DDR2 memory block
  • Serial SPI memory
  • Analog to Digital Converter
  • Accelerometer
  • Touch screen controller

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