JT 2149/DAF

The JT 2149/DAF is a compact, mixed-signal (Digital/Analog/Frequency) measurement module for use in JTAG Technologies’ widely-used JT 2147 (QuadPod) signal conditioning interface. The DAF module has been designed to replace a regular TAP Pod and provides 28 measurement channels plus a clock generator. When connected to a circuit board via edge connector or test fixture/jig test pins, the module enhances standard digital boundary-scan tests by enabling a series of analog and frequency measurements to be made.


  • 16 dual purpose I/O and frequency channels
  • Analog voltage measurement on 12 channels
  • Programmable clock generator channel
  • Compact mixed signal measurement module
  • Powered and hosted by DataBlaster QuadPod
  • Enables direct voltage and frequency measurements on a DataBlaster
  • Simplifies test system engineering

Ideal for test systems that require basic functional test measurements (e.g. PSU voltages, clock frequencies etc..). Easy to build into benchtop or rack-mounted functional test systems. Lower cost than traditional instruments. Measurements are supported by ProVision plug-in interactive GUIs and/or JFT (Python) control library.

  • Volts DC – 12 channels, range 0-32V
  • Frequency – 16 channels, range 10-128 MHz, Resolution 8 digits, Accuracy 100 ppm
  • Digital I/O – 16 channels (shared with Frequency) variable 1.0 – 3.6 volts
  • Generator – 1 channel, range 0.0596Hz-64 MHz, Resolution 59.6 mHz, Accuracy 100 ppm

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