JT 2127 Socket Test Module

The JT 2127 Socket Test Module (STM) family has been designed for manufacturing test of PCB DIMM sockets. They offer easy insertion in standard DIMM sockets on a target board and will test all active signals as well as the analog voltages on the individual power pins (such as Vdd, Vddq, Vref and Vddspd). JT 2127 STMs thereby provide a complete structural test of the DIMM sockets.

See also specifications section below.


  • Tests connections to DIMM & SODIMM sockets
  • Measures DIMM socket power rails
  • Works using DIOS technology
  • Compatible with standard DIMM & SODIMM sockets
  • Wide range of pinouts and form factors
  • Verifies power and ground voltages
  • Self-adaptive output voltage and input threshold levels to match target board over a range of 1.5V to 3.3V.

STMs are used to thoroughly test the integrity of a UUTs DIMM socket(s) during manufacturing test. In addition to the integrity of the signal lines the STMs also allow testing of the power supply voltages through their integrated ADC channels.

ProductInputs / OutputsJEDEC Std. 21-COutline
JT 2127/144so108 in 2 segments4.5.5R5-7r9MO-190, 144 pins
JT 2127/184135 in 2 segments4.5.10R9r12MO-206, 184 pins
JT 2127/200so131 in 2 segments4.20.6R13MO-224, 200 pins
JT 2127/200so2129 in 2 segments4.20.11R15MO-224, 200 pins
JT 2127/240_2152 in 2 segments4.5.14R12MO-237, 240 pins
 (for DDR2)4.20.10R16
JT 2127/240_3152 in 2 segments4.20.19R18aMO-269, 240 pins
 (for DDR3)4.20.20R18
JT 2127/244so2156 in 2 segments4.20.14R16MO-244, 244 pins


JT 2127/144so

108 in 2 segments, MO-190, 144 pins

JT 2127/184

135 in 2 segments, MO-206, 184 pins

JT 2127/200so

131 in 2 segments, MO-224, 200 pins

JT 2127/200so2

129 in 2 segments, MO-206, 184 pins

JT 2127/240

152 in 2 segments, MO-237, 240 pins

JT 2127/244so2

156 in 2 segments, MO-244, 244 pins

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