JT 2122/MPV DIOS digital I/O module

The JT 2122/MPV DIOS (digital I/O scan module) increases the coverage and improves the diagnostic resolution of boundary-scan testing by extending test access to connectors and/or test points. JT 2122/MPV DIOS provides bi-directional parallel-scan access to up to 128 or 133 I/Os in a standard DIMM-168 module.

The TAP signals can be accessed via the ‘fingers’ of the 168 pin module connector or a separate 10-pin connector. A TAP-out can be used to daisy-chain to another DIOS module or to a scan chain on the target board.


  • Low cost
  • Increase test coverage
  • Improve diagnostic resolution
  • High-channel count DIOS system
  • Small, low-profile package is ideal for mounting ‘in-fixture’
  • Compatible with JT 2702/DDC break-out board

Use JT2122 DIMMs in conjunction with a JT2702 DIMM carrier to provide low-cost high channel count I/O within custom test fixtures. For example a generic test system comprising PSUs, JTAG Controller/Pod, DIOS modules, relays etc. can be built-in into a fixture-kit with ‘Bed Of Nails’ test adapters that may be built as ‘personality modules’ for each board type.

  • 1.8v to 5.0V PSU accepted
  • Thresholds set by supply voltage – inputs 5V tolerant
  • Set-up in 8 blocks of 16 channels each ‘bypassable’
  • 45 MHz maximum TCK tolerant

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