JTAG Live Buzz

JTAG Live™ Buzz provides an easy solution for continuity test and debugging boards too crowded for traditional probing with scopes or logic analysers – what’s more it’s totally free.

Buzz is ideal for electronics engineers and technicians to use in checking printed circuit boards for basic continuity testing and correct operation.

Buzz simply uses the built-in pin access provided in boundary-scan (IEEE Std 1149.1) compliant devices to perform pin to pin continuity tests (Buzz-outs) and can also sample pin activity on input pins.


  • Easy to learn, easy to use
  • Overcomes limited access to device pins
  • Free boundary-scan continuity tester

This product is available in our JTAG Live Shop.

  • Works without a netlist
  • Includes ‘watch’pin sample feature
  • Test 10 connections at once
  • Test simple logic clusters
  • Up to 10 drive and sense pins
  • Works without a netlist
  • Support for multiple boundary-scan chains
  • Scan chain infrastructure test
  • Sample pin activity
  • Pin-to-pin (p2p) continuity testing
  • Multi-pin-to-multi-pin (np2np) continuity testing
  • Multi-hardware support Explorer/USB, Altera, Xilinx

Buzz gives you a very handy continuity check to see if two pins on your prototype board are connected, essentially the familiar DMM’s buzz measurement, but without probes. Within Buzz’s Measure window, you select the drive pin, set it high or low, and read the resulting value on the sense pin. Watch mode allows the user to see if any given pin is stuck high, stuck low or is toggling.

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