BSD (Test Diagnostics)

BSD Test Diagnostics software can be added to either developer or factory run-time systems to further improve the location of faults such as net bridges (short-circuits), open pins, open nets and even ‘twisted’ connections that can occur within cable assemblies. BSD test diagnostics reports any faults in a verbose English language statement with pin-level information included and can easily interpret multiple fault conditions.

Additional capability can be added to the test diagnostics package through the use of fault dictionaries that can be created for functional logic (cluster tests). These can help pin-point faults that may occur deep within a functional logic block. Test diagnostics is the ideal complement to the TTR (Truth Table Reporter) system that is included in our ProVision developer suite and also PIPs (Production Integration Packages). BSD test diagnostics is a standard feature of the Symphony family of run-time systems that have been developed to allow JTAG Technologies applications to be executed on third party ATE systems.


  • 'English' language fault reporting from test data
  • Handles multiple errors simultaneously
  • Gives nature of fault and pin/net references
  • Offers precise diagnostics of test failures to speed rework/repair
  • Handles multiple faults simultaneously
  • Exports data in table format for SPC analysis
  • Exports fault data for display on Visualizer viewers

Ideal bolt-on to production systems and rework and repair stations. In networked environments BSD can be shared across multiple execution systems thus reducing costs.

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