JTAG Functional Test

JTAG Functional Test system (JFT) is a simple to use DLL Application Program Interface (API) with a series of software modules that support boundary-scan test (testing single pin nets) and programming activities under Python, National Instruments’ LabVIEW and Microsoft .NET framework. Using JFT users can create JTAG/boundary-scan test application scripts, LabVIEW (Boundary-scan VI’s). .Net or programs for PCB assemblies and systems that control individual driver/sensor pins, groups of pins declared as variables or register bits.

These applications are typically used to test logic devices or mixed signal clusters and can also be transformed into re-usable test ‘modules’. Pairing JFT with JTAG CoreCommander emulative test modules gives an effective, low-cost system for performing tests through embedded device peripherals (ADCs, Memory Controllers etc..)


  • Create tests for logic devices & memories
  • Perform limits testing on captured variables
  • Access device internals with optional CoreCommander
  • Includes libraries for I2C, SPI comms and examples
  • Versatile test development environment
  • Supported by popular test development APIs
  • Includes comprehensive boundary-scan control functions
  • Options for MicroProcessor core emulative test

Low-cost test development that requires boundary-scan capability without full (Automatic Test Program Generation) ATPG. For test system developers and integrators with basic requirements for using the JTAG interface at a high level.

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