We offer a wide range of design solutions (jtag debugging tools) from a free solution to easily debug your board, JTAG emulation test software to a complete JTAG Boundary-scan Integrated Development Environment (IDE).


A new product design should be ready for production as soon as possible. The design should be well ‘testable’ to optimize the production yield. Design-for-test (DfT) guidelines and analysis tools assist the design engineer in creating testable designs without costing extra design time. During prototype debugging JTAG/boundary-scan tools (JTAG hardware debugger) help design engineers to focus on design problems and avoid losing valuable time on finding ‘trivial’ connectivity problems caused by poor soldering or other assembly errors.

JTAG Live™ Buzz provides an easy solution for continuity test and debugging boards too crowded for traditional probing with scopes or logic analysers – what’s more it’s totally free.

Buzz is ideal for electronics engineers and technicians to use in checking printed circuit boards for basic continuity testing and correct operation.

Buzz simply uses the built-in pin access provided in boundary-scan (IEEE Std 1149.1) compliant devices to perform pin to pin continuity tests (Buzz-outs) and can also sample pin activity on input pins.


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