I/O Modules

64 channel desktop Mixed I/O Scan (MIOS) module.

Add mixed-signal stimulus and measurement capabilities to your JTAG test system with the JT 5112 MIOS module. Measure and source analog values up to 30V on up to eight channels. Digital I/O on up to 64 channels – also features frequency measurement capability and user programmable functions.

With 56 purely digital channels and 8 digital/analog channels, connections on the JT 5112 are made via standard 20-way 0.1″ IDC plugs on the front of the unit with JTAG TAP and power connections at the rear. The voltage levels of the signals on the I/O banks can range from 1.05V through 3.60V @ ±8mA.

Special functions include frequency generation (1 ch), frequency measurement (16 ch) and pulse width measurement (1ch). Over Voltage Protection (OVP) is present on the digital I/O pins up to 0.6V over the set voltage with a maximum of 6V.

In addition to the desktop model, an open-frame ‘fixture’ version and a module for the JT 57xx 19″ rack-mount chassis are also available.


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