Boundary-scan controllers

Wide range of highly reliable JTAG/Boundary-scan IEEE Std.1149.x controllers and interfaces.
• Support Board (PCBA) Testing, System Testing and Device In-System Programming
• ETT (Enhanced Throughput Technology) and AutoWrite on selected models
• Multiple synchronised Test Access Ports (TAPs)
• Choice of USB, PXI (e), Ethernet, PCI(e) or Firewire formats
• Mixed signal options feature Frequency, Digital and Analog IO channels
• Seamless integration with 3rd party vendor hardware through customized solutions

The JTAG Live controller is a compact, low-cost and easy-to-use USB JTAG/Boundary-scan interface, from JTAG Technologies.

Aimed at hardware debug and board ’bring-up’ the JTAGLive controller is compatible with both JTAGLive and ProVision software. This JTAG hardware interface is USB connected and powered, and features a single test access port in JTAG Technologies standard 10-way IDC pin-out.

It offers a maximum programmable TCK speed of up to 6 MHz and also features programmable output voltages and input thresholds.


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