Standard 1st release, updates
IEEE 1149.1 1990, 2001, 2013 IEEE Standard Test Access Port and Boundary-Scan Architecture
JTAG, JTAG Boundary-Scan, Dot1
IEEE 1149.4 1999, 2010 IEEE Standard for a Mixed-Signal Test Bus
analog boundary-scan, Dot4
IEEE 1149.6 2003, 2015 IEEE Standard for Boundary-Scan Testing of Advanced Digital Networks
often called AC-EXTEST, Dot6
IEEE 1149.7 2009 IEEE Standard for Reduced-Pin and Enhanced-Functionality Test Access Port and Boundary-Scan Architecture
a superset of 1149.1 and fully compliant with it
IEEE 1149.8 2012 IEEE Standard for Boundary-Scan-Based Stimulus of Interconnections to Passive and/or Active Components
also referred to as toggle scan
IEEE 1149.10 2017 IEEE Standard for High-Speed Test Access Port and On-Chip Distribution Architecture
a high-speed packetized communications variant
IEEE 1532 2000, 2001, 2002 IEEE Standard for In-System Configuration of Programmable Devices
providing standardized programming access and methodology for programmable integrated circuit devices like CPLDs and FPGAs
IEEE 1581 2011 Static Component Interconnection Test Protocol and Architecture
also known as SCITT
IEEE 1687 2014 IEEE Standard for Access and Control of Instrumentation Embedded within a Semiconductor Device
an extended internal JTAG architecture devised to access built-in device-level test instruments

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