Quality improvement – Testing of electronics in the era of miniaturization

Electronics is everywhere – the world would no longer function without chips and circuit boards. And once it is clear how important they are, it also becomes clear how dependent we are on their correct functioning. (more…)

JTAG Technologies – Corporate Story

We’re hardly aware, but the world would almost stop turning if it weren’t for electronics. Healthcare, mobility, scientific research and much, much more all rely on Printed Circuit Boards. Electronics can save our lives and therefore must be reliable and operate exactly as intended. (more…)

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Visualizer with Features for Faster Debug

Wide-ranging CAD support

With its wide range of CAD (EDA) tool import filters Visualizer is the number one choice for professional boundary-scan development and test engineers. Users can import schematic data direct from Mentor (Pads, DxDesigner, Capture) Cadence Altium and Zuken tools as well as board layout information in ODB++ and a dozen other vendor specific formats.


High integrity interface to MAC-Panel SCOUT

May 15 2017 : JTAG Technologies is excited to announce the immediate release of a new JTAG/boundary-scan test hardware interface product compatible with the MAC Panel mass interconnect system. The JT 2147/eDAK is a multi-function signal conditioning module that allows ‘ideal world’ connections from JTAG Technologies PXI and PXIe DataBlasters to the MAC panel ‘Scout’ connection system.