D&E Event 2020, Boundary-scan hardware validation

On November 18, JTAG Technologies will give a lecture  “Boundary-scan, the backbone of hardware validation during all stages of the product life cycle”.  During this presentation it will be briefly explained which test applications and In-System Programming applications are possible via the JTAG interface. We look at the advantages and value of this during the design phase, prototype phase and production and when the final product is in the field.

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Faster repair – Testing of electronics in the era of miniaturization

The test plan for a product should cover the whole product life-cycle and include: prototype debugging, manufacturing tests and field service repairs. The tools that can be used to locate a problem on a failing Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) depend on whether design data of the board is available or not, and whether test programs for the board already exist.


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Top 10 Test and Measurement Solution Companies – 2019

Test engineers in industries ranging from aerospace and defense to consumer electronics are facing the challenge of testing increasingly complicated designs with shrinking timelines and budgets. To address these issues, engineers and scientists are incorporating new test and measurement technologies that are capable of meeting complex design requirements without raising costs. One issue facing test engineers is that test instrumentation is not updated as rapidly as the devices being tested. The functionality of these complex devices is being defined by the software embedded in them, such as most smartphones, which gives design engineers the ability to add features faster than ever before. This is increasingly challenging for many test engineers because most stand-alone instruments often lack the measurement capabilities of the most recent standards due to the fixed user interface and firmware that must be developed and embedded in them. 

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Lower Production Costs – Testing of electronics in the era of miniaturization

Testing is essential to guarantee the quality of your products. One option is to perform a functional test. However, functional testing has two main disadvantages: you don’t know if you covered all possible assembly defects, and íf you find a failure it is hard (time-consuming, costly) to diagnose its cause. These two shortcomings are addressed by structural testing.