Testing is essential to guarantee the quality of your products. One option is to perform a functional test. However, functional testing has two main disadvantages: you don’t know if you covered all possible assembly defects, and íf you find a failure it is hard (time-consuming, costly) to diagnose its cause. These two shortcomings are addressed by structural testing.

But conventional structural testing requires probing of device pins. With miniaturization, probing is no longer possible, and thus structural testing using external probes becomes impossible. With boundary-scan external probing is no longer needed.

In production testing is too often considered as a ‘no value-added’ proposition. However, this viewpoint ignores the real and substantial savings that can be realized with a well-conceived test strategy. High quality assembly and inspection equipment minimizes the chance for assembly errors. Test equipment is still needed to help detect remaining errors efficiently.

The challenge is to generate the best test strategy and choose the right tools to use in the production phase.

What can be done to keep the production test costs as low as possible?

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‘Lower Production Costs in the era of miniaturization’

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