Time to market is critical: any new product should be ready for production as soon as possible, with minimal development costs.

Testing is necessary to obtain the highest possible product quality. The costs of testing, however, should be low. This is true for the test costs incurred during production as well as for the costs to develop the tests. The amount spent on testing, and the related costs for fault diagnosis and repair, are determined by a product’s design and are thus set at the design phase.

The costs to develop the tests also depend on the product’s design. The better a design is testable, the lower its production test costs and the lower the costs to develop these tests. Hence Design For Test (DFT) is crucial in reducing the cost of test. Use of automated test generation tools keeps costs down and simplifies the development process.

What can be done to keep the test development costs of a product as low as possible?

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‘Lower development costs in the era of miniaturization’.

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