How JTAG Technologies keeps our electronics-dominated world running.

Electronics is everywhere – the world would no longer function without chips and circuit boards. Not that an average user of a mobile phone, a car or even a hospital bed will always be aware of this, but his life would look very different without all those miniature soldered components. And once it is clear how important they are, it also becomes clear how dependent we are on their correct functioning.

That’s where the products of JTAG Technologies, a Philips spin-off from Eindhoven, come in. To put it simply – without JTAG testing there can be no guarantee of a working printed circuit board and without that, there would be no modern television, no medical equipment, no social media, no rocket to Mars, let alone a smart city or the internet of things. In short, the role that JTAG Technologies plays in keeping our society running is hard to underestimate.

All of those essential electronically powered devices would be full of faults without the test equipment made in Eindhoven.
JTAG Technologies has been developing test solutions for more than 25 years and throughout that time, the company has ensured that the method for verifying designs and testing printed circuit boards during and after production remained up to date.

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