Increasing operational deployability

The transportation market faces major challenges, with the role of electronics in all its facets only increasing. In this environment, security, safety and operational readiness are the key factors for the future that will drive the selection of electronic components and systems deployed in new transportation industry applications

To ensure that all electronics applications are used to its fullest capabilities it is mandatory to embed JTAG/Boundary-scan technology into the design of the electronics.  With embedded JTAG/Boundary-scan technology there is a huge increase in the service and repair capabilties of the used electronics. This together with our software and hardware solutions will provide the ability to test means of transport for more efficient maintenance, resulting in increased deployability, lower costs and higher profitability.

In addition, our knowledge enables us to offer you tailor-made solutions for testing your products. Your requirements for testability are our challenges.

A selection of our Transportation customers:

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