Maintaining the reliability of ever smaller electronics

The healthcare industry is growing very fast. Every day we can hear about new technological innovations and new features that can produce a massive demand for medical treatments and services. The ever-increasing demand for technology in healthcare also puts increasing pressure on quality and reliability. To meet these challenges it is mandatory to embed jtag boundary scan in the design phase, with the help of this technology it is possible to accurately test in all phases. From design testing, testing in production to testing in the service phase.

With the significant number of people involved in the healthcare industry, for now, we see as advancements in technology serve healthcare providers in their everyday tasks and challenging cases and also help them to save our lives and produce the best quality of service.

For now, technologies are used in various areas of the healthcare industry, e.g., electronic medical records, electronic data transactions, improvements of the patient’s experience, and many others. Specific of the healthcare industry is the source of some cases that can be crucial for new products.

Every new healthcare product should be built on the following principles:

  • Security
  • Performance
  • Quality

To achieve this, a thorough test strategy with a combination of various test methods in combination with JTAG/Boundary scan is required.

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