Increasing the operational deployability of aircraft

Avionics in modern aircraft have greatly increased in complexity in the most recent generation of aircraft.  The cockpit is now full of electronic systems designed to make the pilot’s life easier and to minimize the opportunity for human error.  As these electronic systems increase in capabilities the need for them to work together as one cohesive system has also increased.  This evolution has made testing the individual components making up an avionics system increasingly complex.  In order to keep up with this evolution it is mandatory to embed JTAG/Boundary-scan technology into the design of avionics electronics.

The avionics market faces major challenges, with the role of electronics in all its facets only increasing. In this environment, security and operational readiness are the key factors for the future.

Time is the key element. With our solutions, you are able to save time and money in every stage of the product lifecycle. From the faster launch of new innovations to better manufacturing quality and more efficient aircraft maintenance.

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