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To ensure car safety and realiability it is madatory to embed JTAG / Boundary-scan technology into the design of electronics. With JTAG / Boundary-scan technology there is an answer to the ever increasing demands in every stage of the automotive sector, from the design phase into production to repair and service phase.

Today’s cars are highly integrated and interconnected. Up to 150 embedded Electronic Control Units (ECU) in a car secure a comfortable, convenience and safety driving experience. Examples of this ECUs include transmission modules, air conditioning systems, and even self-updating 5G-ready telematics control units.

Electronics are creating smarter automobiles capable of detecting and alerting drivers to any fault. Whether it’s monitoring tire pressure, delivering advanced driver assistance systems, operating the engine, body or airbag control units, today’s car is a complex supercomputer.

The kind of electronic components used in automobiles are frequently subject to extreme conditions like large temperature fluctuations and strong vibrations, besides being exposed to electromagnetic interference, so they have to meet particularly stringent requirements to guarantee operational reliability and safety. This means that, in addition to painstaking development and testing of such circuitry, thorough quality assurance is also called for during production. It is not enough to simply check products for manufacturing defects.

To asure driver safety, thorough testing of all the intelligent electronics controlling the automobile’s moving parts is needed. A combination of different test procedures is necessary to comply with the high standards imposed.

Automotive industry leaders:

  • meet tighter deadlines and shorter cycle times,
  • develop and deliver more complex products,
  • demand for lower-cost products that are still of high quality.

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