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Products: DIOS and STM modules

The JT 2111/MPV is a 64 channel digital I/O scan module enclosed in an impact resistant housing. The module is designed to test and control edge connectors, on-board connectors and logic clusters in boundary-scan applications.

The JT 2122/MPV DIOS (digital I/O scan module) increases the coverage and improves the diagnostic resolution of boundary-scan testing by extending test access to connectors and/or test points. JT 2122/MPV DIOS provides bi-directional parallel-scan access to up to 128

The JT 2124/F168 DIOS module is a highly configurable 128 channel DIMM DIOS in the familiar 168 pin format.

The JT 2128 DIOS module increases fault coverage and improves the diagnostic resolution. The JT 2128 provides bi-directional parallel-scan access to up to 133 I/O channels grouped in three segments, each of which can be individually bypassed.

The JT 2127 STM (Socket Test Modules) family has been designed for manufacturing test of PCB DIMM sockets.

JT 2702/PCI-Slot is a fixturing solution for the production testing of 32-bit and 64-bit PCI plug-in cards. The JT 2702/PCI-Slot features sacrificial female sockets compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the PCI bus.

JT2702/DDC (Dual DIMM Carrier) is a DIMM DIOS accessory product. It is typically used in custom test adapters or fixtures where a large number of digital I/O channels are required with a minimum space overhead.

JT 2127-Flex is a family of hardware adapters specifically designed for the testing of of PCB-mounted DIMM & SODIMM sockets using a JTAG/boundary-scan controller and supporting software.