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We are boundary scan.

Products: Boundary-scan controllers

The JT 5705 series offer a unique combination of JTAG TAP controller (tester) interfaces plus digital and analog I/O in compact desktop package.

The new concept JTAG-powered PCB tester-programmer the JT 57xx/RMIc 'Combi-System' comprises a sleek base-level 19" 1U rack-mount chassis assembly that can house up to four customer-specified modules offering various JTAG (IEEE 1149.x) controllers, digital IO and analog IO and other measurement

The JT 37x7 DataBlasters are a family of high-performance, 40 MHz, boundary-scan controllers. The controllers are targeted at demanding manufacturing test applications, fast in-system flash memory programming and programmable logic configuration.

The JT 3705/USB Explorer is a low-cost boundary-scan controller specifically suited for low volume testing and in-system programming of (c)PLDs.