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Eleven for '11 - Technologies announces eleven performance-boosting enhancements to its ProVision boundary-scan tool

JTAG Technologies has (once) again boosted the performance of its industry-leading ProVision suite of boundary-scan development tools with the addition of 11 enhancements. The first of these is the addition of all instructions handling (including private instructions) within ProVision's JTAG Functional Test (JFT) capability, now giving users easier access to device registers [other than just those needed for IEEE Std. 1149.1boundary-scan operations]. For example, registers needed to invoke on-chip emulation modes and programming registers can now be accessed using JFT's Python routines.

Digitaltest and JTAG Technologies Combine to Provide Comprehensive PCB Test Capability

Digitaltest GmbH, one of the leaders in electronics testing and production solutions, and JTAG Technologies, tier one provider of boundary-scan products world-wide, today announced the integration of their test methods within the Digitaltest MTS series of in-circuit test systems. As a result, electronics designers and manufacturers will benefit from even greater test coverage and programmability of complex PCBs, all within a single process step.