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JT 2147/eDAK for MAC Panel

The JT 2147/eDAK is a new  variant of the JTAG Technologies QuadPOD signal conditioning interface specifically designed for use within a MAC Panel ‘Scout’ mass interconnect interface. The unit integrates both the JT 2148 transceiver circuitry plus four independent, programmable TAP modules (2 of type JT 2149 and 2 of type JT2149/MPV) on a single board that matches the MAC Panel Direct Access Kit (DAK) form factor. Overall this configuration offers four Test Access Ports, 64 Digital IO Scan channels and reconfigurable (SCIL) capabilities

  • Four TAP QuadPod technology
  • Match to DataBlaster PXI controllers
  • Simplifies wiring to mass interconnect interfaces

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  • Allows direct connection to JT 37x7/PXI
  • Ensures high signal integrity right to the point of test
  • Simplifies connection and wiring in functional test applications
  • Benefits from high degree of RF shielding/noise immunity
  • Includes 64 channels of digital IO