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Frequently Asked Questions - Hardware

Field returns of our controllers have been extremely low. There are over 6,500 installed, some of them in operation for more than 20 years, and fewer than 1% have been returned for repair.

The range between the QuadPOD and the target depends on the test clock TCK rate and certain characteristics of the board under test. At a TCK of 10 MHz, the allowable distance is approximately 8 meters of flat cable. At 1 MHz, the range is 100 meters. For most applications, including running system tests inside an environmental chamber the distance is not a limiting factor. We also have range extenders if there is a need for an unusually long distance to the board under test.

We also offer a product that allows virtually unlimited distance to the target, TapCommunicator. This system uses an existing network, such as your corporate intranet, to provide secure, ultra-long distance connectivity.