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Frequently Asked Questions - JTAG ProVision

JTAG ProVision is fully compatible with dot6.  The generators automatically detect the presence of 1149.6-compliant BSDL files and develop the necessary tests to verify all testable connections; both AC and DC coupled, single-ended and differential and any combination thereof. Furthermore, ProVision 's provides complete diagnostics, in English, for dot6 failures.

JTAG ProVision supports a huge variety of NOR and NAND flash devices from virtually all of the major manufacturers. The software includes a library consisting of models for thousands of devices, and we continually update the library as new devices come to market.  We also support many devices with embedded flash from vendors such as Texas Instruments, ST Micro, and Freescale Semiconductor.

Virtually all commercial EDA systems produce netlists that can be imported into JTAG ProVision. If a particular netlist is not supported, please contact JTAG Technologies so support may be added.

JTAG ProVision allows you to change settings using Net Explorer. The graphical tooltip shows you instantly the details for any net or node. 

There is no standard for the TAP connector. However, we recommend that you use a consistent approach in all of your designs with sufficient conductors to meet your needs. We suggest 3 different size headers (10 pins, 14, and 20) depending on your application. Refer to the DFT booklet for details.

JTAG ProVision includes a large number of models for non-scan devices when the software is shipped by JTAG Technologies. Additional models can be created using ProVision's model editor, or by requesting a model from JTAG Technologies. Also, IBIS models (Input/Output Buffer Information Specification) can be easily imported into ProVision.

JTAG ProVision (beginning with CD10) includes the ability to import design files created with JTAG Classic.  Once imported, the design can be updated and maintained in the normal manner using JTAG ProVision. The additional features of JTAG ProVision will enhance your ability to make complex changes in projects that were first developed in the Classic tools.