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Nortel Networks: "JTAG Technologies’ solution gave better coverage at about a quarter of the cost"

Nadine Bergeron-Nutt, Engineering Manager at Nortel Networks: “The design we had was very complex. Other boundary-scan providers whom we contacted found the complexity of the devices to be a roadblock and couldn’t guarantee coverage. However, after reviewing our design, the JTAG Technologies’ field applications engineers felt they could provide the test coverage we were looking for."

"They corrected the BSDL files (which describe the boundary-scan implementation at the device level), and then developed a test program that began with one device and then added the remaining BGA’s in the chain. We then moved on to clustering the SDRAM that was associated with the BGA’s. We were able to test 150 pilot boards and we accomplished troubleshooting of each board within seconds! Boundary-scan diagnostics pointed to the device and pin (net name) in all cases. I was very impressed with the results. JTAG Technologies’ solution gave better coverage at about a quarter of the cost – not to mention the reduction in lead time!” 
The improved test coverage has had the desired impact required at functional testing. Where there would have previously been correlation problems between ICT and functional results, now, even in the first pilot run, all of the boards that passed boundary-scan also came up in functional test. Coupled with the precise diagnosis of faults detected by boundary-scan, troubleshooting time and expense have dropped dramatically. Nortel Networks is now moving forward in implementing boundary-scan into their new designs coming out of hardware. As Nadine says, “I’m looking forward to having this level of test in our future products. I believe boundary-scan, coupled with ICT, will improve our yields tremendously at functional test and provide quicker feedback to the process, allowing us to eliminate manufacturing defects altogether.” 

Nadine Bergeron-Nutt, Engineering Manager, Nortel Networks

Applications: hardware engineering and production  
Industry: telecom & datacom and consumer electronics