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GE Fanuc Embedded Systems impressed with JTAG ProVision

Lee Bogardus, Senior Test Engineer at GE Fanuc, is an experienced boundary-scan user, having developed tests with tools from JTAG Technologies for several years, prior to the availability of JTAG ProVision. The types of circuit boards that Lee works on are Multi-Node / Multi-Core high speed computing platforms used primarily for the embedded COTS military marketplace.
Lee summed up his observations on JTAG ProVision by stating; "I was definitely impressed with the look and feel of the GUI and the incorporation of the database files into the main development window." Compared with the previous generation of software, Lee estimates that test development time can be reduced by up to 30% with JTAG ProVision.  With the new platform, data items which previously were entered into specific files are now readily accessible from the main GUI by either clicking a menu button, or by right clicking an item and then making a selection.
Lee said, "If I am looking at a failure in the truth table and need to get some component information as to what I'm looking at, previously I would open the APL file and search for the net and then record the needed information. With JTAG ProVision, I can move the mouse over the vector in the truth table and a small window opens telling me information about the component and its purpose in the vector without having to open anything." 

Lee Bogardus, Senior Test Engineer, GE Fanuc Embedded Systems

Applications: test engineering and production
Industry: military & aerospace