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We are boundary scan.


Users wishing to integrate JTAG Technologies boundary-scan applications with Teradyne teststations and GR228x have two options. The first uses Teradyne's own Deep Serial Memory (DSM) card as the boundary-scan interface/controller while the other solution is based on our standard JT 37x7 controller combined with a dedicated version of our QuadPod called the JT 2147/CFM. The DSM based solution allows you to mix stimulus and response via ICT pins/nails with boundary-scan driving and sensing capabilities to access nodes on your target. The JT 37x7 based solution is more suited to application requiring fast Flash or PLD programming via boundary-scan access. Both solutions are controlled by the Teradyne GUI and reports with full pin level diagnostics are fed back into the Teradyne report generator.

Our ProVision development tools can be used to generate the boundary-scan based test patterns which are provided to the Teradyne test development tools for further processing.

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  • One GUI (teradyne) during production runs
  • Higher coverage
  • Combined report
  • Only one production step
  • Improved Fault coverage
  • Simplified fixture