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JTAG TapCommunicator facilitates remote execution and diagnostics of boundary-scan applications, regardless of distance or environmental difficulties. The off-the-shelf system is based on a one gigabit  Ethernet connection (IEEE Std 802.3z) providing virtually unlimited range between the controller and target. However, the TapSpacer technology upon which TapCommunicator is based allows any communication link to be used. For solutions using communication links other than Ethernet, contact JTAG Technologies.

The standard system consists of an “uplink” or primary module (JT 2143), located in proximity to the boundary-scan controller, and one or more “downlink” or secondary (JT 2144) modules at the target.

  • Encodes and decodes JTAG for long distance transmission
  • Based on TAPSpacer IP/technology
  • Standard unit is gigabit ethernet based

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  • Supports use of the existing Ethernet communication channel to a system for remote operation of boundary-scan
  • Allows unlimited distance between target and boundary-scan controller without need for range extenders
  • Overcomes harsh environments and other situations where human access to the target would not otherwise be possible
  • Enables sharing of a single boundary-scan controller or a pool of controllers among multiple production platforms
  • Overcomes range limitations of adaptive clocking techniques
  • Supports all brands of boundary-scan controllers